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Hayl Hola, a photographic record of Hollingbourne was published by Hollingbourne Parish Council well over thirty years ago before the internet existed. At the time most residents purchased a copy and the parish council still has a few copies left. In 216 it was loaded onto the website and has been one of the most popular downloads with hundreds of copies being taken.

The Hayl Hola! book that was produced in the 1980’s by the Hollingbourne Parish Council under the chairmanship of the late Jack Garnham-Wright  of Greenway Court is now available online on this website. The book is a photographic record of the listed buildings in Hollingbourne. Printed copies are still available from the Parish Clerk at the Cardwell Pavilion.

If you would like to see what Hollingbourne was like before the M20, HS1, and much more you can download Hayl Hola.

Pictured below is the front cover of Hayl Hola! showing the Windmill PH and the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area in the 1980’s.

Hayl Hola