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Annual Policing Survey 2023 – Do you trust Kent Police?

Do you trust the Police survey 2023

PCC asks Kent residents whether they trust the police?


Matthew Scott, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, has launched a questionnaire asking people whether they trust Kent Police and whether they think the force provides a good service.


In his Annual Policing Survey, the Commissioner also asks residents if they’ve been a victim of crime in the last 12 months and if they have, whether they received a satisfactory outcome.  The results will feed into his quarterly Performance and Delivery Boards, where he challenges the Chief Constable about the performance of the force.


This year there is also a question about the so-called Community Remedy.  The aim of the Community Remedy is to give local people a chance to have a say in how some offenders should make amends for their actions.  Local police, victims and local residents can influence what sort of out of court disposals those who commit some types of antisocial behaviour, low-value theft, criminal damage and some drug and alcohol offences receive.  This questionnaire will help determine what options are preferred by residents of Kent as a whole.

To access the survey, please click on the button at the end of this article or visit the link 


Mr Scott said,

“We all know trust in the police generally has been severely tested over the last few years, with repeated stories of misconduct and criminal behaviour.

I want to know whether you trust Kent Police and whether you think they respond well when you need them. This survey is anonymous and I do want people to be honest. Your views will be heard and fed back to the Chief Constable. Restoring and maintaining trust in the police is vital if the force is going to serve Kent effectively.

I’m also seeking your views on the Community Remedy, which can be implemented for some crimes like antisocial behaviour, criminal damage or some low-value thefts.  This includes options like mediation between the offender and the injured party, written or verbal apologies, or community service. We’re reviewing the procedure in Kent and would like to know what you think are the preferred solutions.”

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