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Bin collections north of Hollingbourne

Bin collections north of Hollingbourne

Dear Residents

Please apologise for writing a mass communication rather than answering your emails individually. I try to address all the points you raised in your email, although in no particular order.

Highways falls within KCC and there is nothing I can do to influence their operations. Our Kent County Councillor is Shellina Prendergast “”

The current and ongoing road closure in Upper Street Hollingbourne was certainly not planned and is a direct result of that awful fire we had at the Dirty Habit. I understand that the closure is for the safe keeping of the listed building and the contractors who seek to preserve it.

While I really appreciate the inconvenience caused, it turns out a mixed blessing. Many Hollingbourne residents are extremely happy about the reduced traffic in the village, which, due to the roadworks along the A249 / M2, increased terribly over the past months.

I am afraid that the unfortunate fire presented us with a situation which we simply have to endure or can enjoy (depending where we live) while recovery work goes on.
According to the latest information from Kent Highways, the work permit / closure has been extended until 25 November.

I for my part will pursue MBC officers to secure continued bin collections, which I understand have suffered in villages north of Hollingbourne.

Earlier this week I addressed an individual complaint for a Wormshill resident and the data held at MBC showed no inherent problems in the area. This may be so, because everyone assumes that the waste officers ought to be aware of the collection problems.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. Government (of all types, including the police) work by statistics. Unless a complaint is raised via the correct channels nobody will be aware that a problem exists.

Please report ALL missed bins here:

Everybody should report to make officers aware of a wider local problem and, more importantly, to be included in a mop-up round. Mere leaving the bin out will not always guarantee that your bin will be included in a mop-up round.

I, raised the issue with the waste manager on Friday. Please see his reply below.

Kind regards

Patrik Garten

MBC Cllr for North Downs Ward (Cons.)

Latest Update Monday 07 November 2022 @ 14:30:

We are getting mixed reports from residents, so the waste team have had a long drive checking this morning.

Hollingbourne are all ok apart from a few properties in Upper Street.
Wormshill a number of roads / bins were found to be done, some not.

Things will be improving this week.

1. Hollingbourne Hill – will be open from tonight – as advised by contractors on site.

2. Upper Street – will be closed at the pub for a long time (up to a year) – as advised by scaffolders on site.

So looking forward:

Now that Hollingbourne Hill is useable we think Wormshill will be ok going forward, also top end of Upper Street becomes doable using Pilgrims Way / Hollingbourne Hill.

The rest of Upper Street from Manor House to the pub, is going to be more difficult – it depends on the vehicle turnaround at the Manor House junction.

Biffa are aware and finalising their collection solution today, once situation is confirmed residents will be notified if different collection arrangements are necessary.

We appreciate that there’s been some disruption in the area, so we will be insisting that side waste is removed at next scheduled waste visit.

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