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COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Grant

Central Government has allocated funding to Maidstone Borough Council under the Emergency Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies to support people who are struggling to afford essentials items due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19. This scheme is temporary  (maximum of £150).   has the details.

The criteria for applying for a grant is as follows:

*   Over the age of 16
*   One application per household (not repeated)
*   Lives within Maidstone Borough*
*   To be used for any tenure occupiers
*   Be able to demonstrate that the financial hardship is due to Covid-19 during period July-Oct**.
*   For those whose household income is less than £40,000 per annum***.
*Exceptional circumstances for those housed from Prison services / Fleeing Domestic Violence / Placed in TA by MBC.
**When reviewing the case, we will use the National Guidelines of Affordability to find what is a reasonable expenditure.
***Exceptional circumstances apply case by case

The route to applying MUST be done through one of the following, to help maximise the support they need and to help mitigate fraud.

*   Involve Kent  -
*   Citizens Advise Bureau –
*   Your Parish Council
*    MBC Customer Service Team
*   MBC Housing
*   MBC Revenue & Benefits