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Ensure your property is secure now the nights are drawing in

Following a reported break in last week, residents are reminded to make sure their properties are secure now the nights are drawing in.

Home burglaries are proved to spike upwards during the winter months. Under cover of added darkness, burglars use the opportunity to break in before homeowners return from work or when residents are on vacation.

  • Locks Doors and Windows – Always lock doors and all windows, including above ground windows.
  • Use a Safe – For your valuables, a safe is a terrific idea. Keeping jewellery that is rarely worn but which has value in a safe deposit box is another security measure.
  • Time-switch Lights – If you travel or get home late, why not purchase a few timer switches to turn lights on when dark sets?
  • Refrain from Hiding Keys – If we assume burglars are watching the house, we realise we should not hide keys to the home outside the door. It is better to leave a spare key with a neighbour and to make sure all residents have their own key and never lend it out.
  • Keep Yard Organised – Keep shrubs trimmed so burglars cannot hide in the shadows and make sure all furniture and equipment is put always and secured for the winter. If you have a combination to your doors or garage, change the entry password regularly.
Culpeper Close
in Hollingbourne
Between 19:00 on Wednesday 22nd of September and 08:30 on Thursday 23rd of September. Somebody tried to break into a residential property. They appear to have damaged a window.
Crime Report No. 46/186745/21