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Strictly No Dogs on the Lance Memorial Field, Hollingbourne

Strictly no dogs Lance Memorial Field


The Hollingbourne Parish Council has to be rigid when it comes to the exercising of dogs upon the Lance Memorial Field, and the notice at the main gate to the field states ‘strictly no dogs’.  However, it has sadly come to the attention of the Clerk that some dog owners are letting their pets defaecate upon the field, without even cleaning up after them.

Dogs from local properties are often left to run around on the field without their owner to watch over them.  As a result, dog’s mess is left upon the football pitch and in areas where children play, and it is not acceptable.

Dog fouling is a major concern to many people, not just because of the mess it causes, but because it can be a health risk.  Dogs may deposit roundworm eggs (toxocara canis) in their faeces, which become infectious after about 3 weeks, and can remain so for up to 2 years.

Anyone, but particularly children playing near to the ground, can run the risk of picking up and swallowing the eggs.  The eggs then hatch in the intestine, burrow through the intestine wall into the blood stream and pass into the body.

Possible symptoms of toxocaral infection range from aches, dizziness and nausea to asthma and pneumonia, but as these symptoms can all be caused by other things, infections often go undiagnosed. In the UK there are around 100 cases of toxocariasis diagnosed each year.

In rare cases eye disease and loss of vision can be caused when the toxocara larva passes through the eye.

Please be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your pet.