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Garden Ducklings

Our Easter eggs were different  this year
as they didn’t come from a shop

A lady duck chose to nest in our garden
and every day an egg she would drop

It all began one day in February when woken early by noise
a female duck was in the garden, surrounded by quacking boys

Everyday they came and went but she began to stay
and before she left she chose a bush and in it she would lay

The number of eggs grew and grew until one particular day
she made a bed of feathers and didn’t fly away

There she sat day and in day out as the clock ticked by
we learnt it’s 28 days before chicks can hatch, let alone fly

It rained, it snowed, chill winds howled and blew
Every night it was freezing cold, at least minus two

Through March and into April we worried,
could anything have possibly survived
so it’s with much relief that today we can announce
ten lovely fluffy chicks have arrived!!!

Clint & Sue