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Hedge of Hope

The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust want to bring the community together by building a Hedge of Hope in the meadows using the Godfrey Meadow hedge

This project is to provide biodegradable wooden discs which can be decorated and hung on the hedge using hessian ties. The aim is for people to display inspirational and hopeful messages for all to read.

Collect the discs from Woods of Hollingbourne**. When you have finished visit the meadows and hang your disc on the Hedge. As spring begins to reveal itself you can enjoy visiting the hedge as it springs into life.

The Trust has also excitingly been selected by the Lottery Community Fund to be used as a case study. This will provide the Trust with much needed publicity which may include social media, radio, or television articles. This arrangement will also help develop further the Trust’s relationship with the Lottery Community Fund which has continued to provide financial support.

**A suggested donation of £2 would be appreciated but not essential.

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