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Help the North Downs Way find the missing piece…

Inspiring Views is a project that restores viewpoints, engages communities and commissions sculptural seating. The next project is called ‘Portal’ and will be located near the Kent border in Surrey. The artist Philip Walker is searching for the last piece of timber to complete this beautiful structure in his Petersfield studio.

We need your help!
Portal is designed to appear in the landscape like a ‘portal’ constructed in curved English oak beam sections and joined using traditional techniques. The inner face will be chip carved using a small gouge to offer a tactile texture and the side faces and/or outer face will provide an opportunity for inspiring quotes or lettering.

The structure will serve to frame the incredible view across the countryside, drawing the eye through it as it tapers from the outside inwards. It will also provide seating as a curved and intimate bench so visitors can not only admire the surrounding landscape but can also spend time in rest and reflection.

But unfortunately the final Oak log is missing!

If you know of anyone who might be able to help supply this to the below dimensions please get in touch. As a reward for your help you’ll be invited to the launch event to see the completed Portal artwork in place and to meet the artist for yourself.


  • The oak section needs to be 2 metres in length, and a minimum of 0.8 m in diameter.
  • To allow for a strong curved section, the piece needs a 260 mm deflection (curve).
  • Download full details here.

Get in touch ASAP

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Download full details here

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