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URGENT – Hollingbourne Housing Needs Survey – time is running out – respond before the 11th July 2022


Affordable Housing Needs Survey update

Hollingbourne Housing Needs Survey – Time is Running Out…

  • Do you wish that you could live near to your family within the village, but cannot afford to do so?
  • Do you wish that you didn’t have to heat such a large property, if it is only you living there?
  • Is it important to you that the local school, pubs and groups stay busy and active for residents, now and in the future?

If so, have you returned your Housing Needs Survey yet??

It is very important that residents take the opportunity to complete and return the Housing Needs Survey before Monday, 11th July 2022.

Hollingbourne Parish Council is working with Maidstone Borough Council and the Action with Communities in Rural Kent Charity to assess whether there might be a need for “local needs” housing in the parish, so that residents who cannot afford to buy or rent locally, are not forced to move away.

It also helps those who have already had to move away make a return to their family support networks and contribute to the local community.

To identify whether a need for this type of housing exists in our community, a Housing Needs Survey will be delivered to every household during June.

The survey will also ask older residents of the parish who might need to downsize or move to more suitable housing to respond, whether they need affordable housing or housing to buy on the open market.

You’ve had your copy of the survey, and so please fill it in and return it.  We would like to hear from as many residents as possible.

Rural Kent – Action with Communities Charity