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Hollingbourne Millennium Green

Discoverable by walking through the private car park by Bourneside Terrace along Eyhorne Street, the Millennium Green is a wonderful green space to connect with nature.

The Millennium Green was established in the year 2000 with help from the National Lottery and the Countryside Agency to celebrate the Millennium and is a registered charity – ‘Hollingbourne Millennium Green Trust’ administered with support from Hollingbourne Parish Council.

There are a number of trees, including Cherry, Mountain Ash and Chestnut which create a backdrop to a large grassy area surrounded by a mixture of flowering shrubs and fruit trees with a circular path which winds its way around the perimeter. The green also benefits from the surrounding farmland often filled with grazing cattle. A large pond provides a place for wildlife and tranquillity as well as a stream which follows the boundary.

The Millennium Green attracts wildlife such as Foxes, Herons, Kestrels, a winter visiting Egret amongst Long Tailed Tits, Black Caps, Dragon Flies and if you are incredibly lucky a fleeting glance of the Kingfisher.

To celebrate its 20th year anniversary, the green has been having a makeover with help from Maidstone Borough Council’s, ‘Go Green Go Wild’ initiative which helps to support local communities to look after nature on their doorstep, along with funds from the Parish Council.

The circular path had become very overgrown by weeds and grass and the pond choked by Iris. The work carried out this year now means the path has now been cleared, the benches painted, and the pond dug out and refilled. A beautiful wooden duck house takes pride of place in the centre of the pond.

Over the coming few months, some new trees will be planted, the fruit trees pruned, and bird nest boxes will be situated in the trees.

During an incredibly challenging year with Coronavirus, it has truly shown how important it is to have beautiful green spaces on our doorstep. It has been an absolute delight to see so many people taking exercise on the green, having picnics or just sitting in the sunshine and enjoying nature.

Our thanks go out to the Maidstone Borough Council, ‘Go Green, Go Wild’ initiative, Hollingbourne Meadows Trust and our wonderful volunteers who have all supported the Hollingbourne Millennium Green restoration project.