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Important information from your MBC Councillor

Dear Residents, Parish Councillors and Community Leaders

Unfortunately we are facing another lock-down. Like last time, I will send you important information and regular updates throughout. Please share this through your usual networks. I shall try not to overload you with information and will seek to avoid duplication of information which is available in the national media.

Maidstone Borough will continue to operate, although many officers will work from home where possible. Usual contacts and phone numbers will be staffed. Communication by email proved most effective last time.

If you run into difficulties to get hold of somebody at MBC or need any help at all, please contact me.

I realise that my usual monthly newsletter is slightly overdue, but events are happening at an incredibly fast speed in the background. We will have several important meetings of the Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee next week where we will discuss the preferred approaches for the Local Plan Review, prior to public consultation. I’ll keep you posted if & when.

Below I compiled three articles which may be of interest to you:

–  Government grant of up to £500 for food or essentials
–  National Lockdown Business Grant Scheme
 New funding for broadband in rural areas

Kind regards

Patrik Garten
MBC Cllr for North Downs Ward (Cons.)