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Missed Bin Collections

Frozen Bins

See below for an update from Gatrik Garten, MBC:

“I am aware of missed bin collections in the North Hollingbourne and Hucking areas.

The Waste Management Team informs me that they have not been advised of any particular issues in the area or road.

Could you PLEASE report any missed bin collections here:

This would be the same portal a phone-operator uses, if you call in your report. Except, experience shows, that information gets lost when using a middle-man (or woman).

The Waste Management Team is aware that there were a number of ongoing access issues and the bin crews are still catching up from the severe weather two weeks ago. Garden collections restarted Monday 22 Feb and everything should be as usual from Monday 1st March.

This week all collections are scheduled for the normal day and in all cases, Biffa have been instructed to take excess materials, this should resolve the recycling bins that were not collected during the week 8 to 15th February. In effect Biffa have programmed to provide those residents with a double collection.

Last week they were instructed to focus on catching up the black bins missed from the previous week, although that was attempted and included Saturday working with a number of extra temporary staff, we are anticipating that some will have been missed or even not presented. So to resolve that for the residents, they have also been instructed to remove excess black bin waste this week.

Going forward, the contract requires us to notify Biffa of standard missed bins within a specific timeframe, that’s been a considerable challenge over the past two weeks. However in the future, its important that service issues are recorded against the relevant property within 48 hours. That will automatically trigger an email response to the resident from the system, that reply will clarify if there’s a known reason for non-collection or alternatively indicate a timeframe for collection.

It’s the record against the property, which enables the management team to monitor performance standards and therefore target efforts in gain improvement when necessary.

Finally, in addition, there is an new update page on the website, which can be accessed from the news banner on the home page. This is not designed to give road by road information more a general view of service status across the Borough.

If you report a missed bin on this week’s bin day (Thursday for most affected areas) and it has not been resolved within 48 hours, please contact me.


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