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Adult Carers Strategy Consultation now open

Following research and engagement activities with unpaid carers, the public and providers, we are now consulting on our draft Adult Carers Strategy.

Through our conversations so far, we have heard clear views from unpaid carers about what is important to them and have brought them together in the draft strategy document. The need to reflect the ‘key moments’ in a carer’s journey (as well as a person’s ongoing support needs) has been included and the key moments themselves have been shaped by recent feedback from our engagement sessions.

Our aim is to work more closely with unpaid carers and our partners to turn these ambitions into reality and bring welcomed improvements to the experiences of carers in Kent.

Have your say:

We need your views on the draft strategy, which sets out what changes we want to see in the future and outlines the principles we will follow to achieve our five-year vision of:

“Making a difference every day by supporting and empowering you to live a fulfilling life whilst being a carer, as long as you are willing and able.”

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