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Stagecoach 10X Time Table Petition – Cancellation of 3.30 pm School Bus

The Stagecoach 10X Bus is cancelling the 3.30pm services from Maidstone.  The bus serves children at schools in Maidstone travelling home towards Ashford.

The changes proposed by Stagecoach have been highlighted to the Parish Council from local Borough Councillors and parents, a comment being:

“I myself live in Harrietsham and my daughter goes to Invicta school.  I have a petition going on and have attached the link below.  This is totally unacceptable and as a concerned parent I am hoping that something can be done.  With the winter evenings drawing nearer I am worried that children are going to be waiting around too long for the 4pm bus.  I already have to drive into town to collect my daughter on a Monday to get her home on time for a club she goes to.  And I’m sure many parents will be doing the same.  This defeats the object of having a bus service and will cause more cars to be on the roads at the time and have a knock on effect.  Stagecoach have provided several reasons for cutting out this bus. They’ve said children can get the 3pm which they obviously can’t as it’s too early, that the buses aren’t busy enough so had to cut back due to costs and that there are a lack of drivers.  I actually haven’t received a reply to my complaint to them and lots of other parents who have tried to contact them have been fobbed off or cut off.  I sincerely hope that Stagecoach will reinstate the 3:30pm bus and not leave children hanging around.”



Stagecoach 10x changes

To visit the Stagecoach website please see the link Welcome to Stagecoach ( 

To see the complete Time Table please see the link 10X as at Aug 2023.pdf (

To sign the petition, please click on the button below.  Your voice matters!


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