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The road closure at the Dirty Habit in Hollingbourne: Patrik Garten



The road closure at the Dirty Habit in Hollingbourne


I previously informed you that some specialist access equipment was to become available yesterday and be employed at the recovery of the Dirty Habit.  Yesterday morning the shoring scaffold and some of the standard scaffold was taken down to allow the specialist equipment to gain access to a small, but dangerous section to the front elevation today.

Trust me, it looks an awful mess behind the walls  

A further inspection will then need to be undertaken by Building Control to ensure that the building is deemed safe as possible to allow for the protective fencing to be reduced in area. Once this has been agreed, KCC Highways need to provide consent that the roadway is acceptable with the remaining scaffolding. Once these have been confirmed, the road can be opened again.

We are currently working on worse case scenario for the end of the month.

We are in the hands of engineers and builders on site. Unfortunately Murphy’s Law is the first rule in engineering: If something can go wrong, it will –  and it will happen to the best and most experienced, notwithstanding the weather too.

Fingers crossed !  If the road can be opened sooner, we certainly will. Each section of demolition-works needs to be taken on a gradual basis to ensure the health & safety of the operatives undertaking the works, the general public, and to reduce the harm to the listed building.

As soon as I have further information, I will pass it on.


Forecast for 2023

Just to give you the heads up: I understand that the road may need to be closed again for a few weeks in late spring 2023. Fortunately we will get good notice and the works can be planned well in advance.  It should be for a very short time.


Something completely unrelated:

I read that it will be necessary to close Rumstead Lane, in Hucking / Stockbury from 12th December 2022 for up to 1 day.

Also, Torry Hill Road, Frinsted will be closed for up to 4 days to enable mains repairs to be carried out by South East Water.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, I only pass on information obtained from KCC.



While normal bin collections appear to be running normally again, despite the closures, I am still chasing after some missed garden bins for some residents.  If you have reported any issues to me, the waste team will follow them up.

Please record any missed bins via our website

The garden collection is an additional paid-for service. If you suffered repeated problems, MBC can compensate you for it by extending your individual contract. To do so we need evidence to justify that decision.



And finally…



Long awaited and a project in the making: Our new Hollingbourne Railway Station Community Centre is ready to open its doors shortly. I hear rumours that a soft launch may happen in early January, if not even this side of Christmas. This will be the first time that the community can have a glimpse inside the (finished) building. If it does, you’ll be the first to hear.




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