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The Williams Award 2024

Congratulations to Andrea Marshall who was awarded The Williams Award 2024.  The award celebrates a person in the village who has ‘improved the quality of life for the residents of Hollingbourne’.

Here are just a few of the wonderful comments that the judges received…

“It only came to my attention a couple of years ago the amount of work Andrea does for our village without anybody knowing about it.  She works behind the scenes with Ben for the Hollingbourne Meadow Trust, going to meetings with him, viewing the Meadow’s with regards to future projects.  Working on the Loc8 project for both the Trust and as Vice Chair of the Parish Council and she is of course on the Trust fundraising committee.”

“Andrea organises the village litter picking every year.  She is the liaison for the community police.  She is the lady who donates and plants up the planters each year on Tanyard Green.  She organised the bulb planting in the Autumn the results of which we are currently seeing.  She and her partner maintain the duck house on Millennium Green (not an easy task as you can imagine, its incredibly heavy!)”.

“Andrea has been a committed member of the Hollingbourne Parish Council advocating for the people of the village.  Andrea has dedicated her time to developing the Millennium Green making it a space for locals to visit and enjoy. She spearheads the litter picks in a bid to make our village a nicer and more welcoming place to be. She cares for our home and the natural environment. She is an unsung hero who does not seek validation from others but is just genuinely down to earth and caring”.

“As well as working hard on the Parish Council, Andrea does spend a lot of her time working hard for our village. For example, she arranged for hundreds of bulbs to be planted around the village (which are beginning to bloom this week), she also tends to the planters on Tanyard Green”.

“Alongside her partner, John, she has also repaired the duck house in Millennium Green, has help to raise a considerable amount of money for the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust. Andrea works closely with Kent Police on a wide range of topics, and arranges the spring and autumn village clean up operation”.

So on behalf of the Parish Council, congratulations Andrea, a worthy winner of the Williams Award 2024, we are lucky to have you as our neighbour, as a fellow Councillor and as our friend.

Williams Awards 2024

Andrea Marshall, winner of The Williams Awards 2024, with Val Williams.