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Local Charities requiring Support

Why does Hollingbourne Church need friends?

Such a large and ancient building inevitably needs overhauling at least once in a generation.  Now it is our turn to help pay for repairs from time to time.

In past years these expenses would have been borne by the Church of England through its central funds and local congregational giving.  Declining congregations and increased pensions liabilities have eroded the ability of the church to maintain thousands of historic buildings.

While recognising that this church is a living building and not a dead monument, the voluntary work of The Friends is separate from the activities of the worshipping community who attend services in the church.

Apart from minimal running costs, all funds raised by The Friends will be devoted to the care and maintenance of All Saints Church, Hollingbourne.

If you would like to contribute please print this page return the completed Bankers Order form

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