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COVID-19 update from KCC Cabinet Member, Shellina Prendergast

I am sure for many of us the fact that we are once again in a national lockdown and living under the same kind of restrictions we faced last March is difficult to take on board.

Now, more than ever, we must all stay at home, protect the NHS and each other, and save lives.

The big difference this time round is theĀ rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Shellina Prendergast

The vaccination programme is already well underway across Kent and should give us all real optimism, no matter how difficult things may currently seem.

Kent County Council will continue to focus on adapting our services to ensure that, first and foremost, we look after those who are most vulnerable and in need. I am pleased to say that our Kent Together Helpline is still there for anyone who needs help with food, prescriptions and related concerns linked to the virus.

An army of volunteers and an amazing community effort was critical to the response during the last national lockdown. The incredible effort to support people who are critically vulnerable or socially vulnerable helped so many, and I hope we can come together once again to care for those who need it most.

Lockdown will also inevitably take its toll on businesses and livelihoods too. If you have a business please look on our website where you can find all the latest advice you need to help you through this time and find out what support is available.

We are rolling out more venues where anyone, not just key workers, can have a rapid-result, symptom-free coronavirus test. These tests will identify people who may be unknowingly spreading the virus and are another way we are trying to keep people safe and continue the fight against COVID-19. Alongside this, we are also continuing to support our residents with the local test and trace programme, to further help reduce infection rates.

We will be continuing to engage with residents and businesses to enforce the guidelines set out by the government so that we can beat the virus together and not overwhelm our health services.

Returning to a national lockdown is hard, but we have done it before and now we can do it again. The more we stick to the guidelines, play our part, support and protect each other the sooner we can get children back to school, reunite with friends and family and return to the life we once knew.

Please take care, keep safe and stay healthy.

Shellina Prendergast
KCC Cabinet Member for Communications, Engagement and People

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Document posted on: 29.1.21