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Report of November 2008 meeting with Kent Highway Services

Traffic and Roads

As a Parish Council, we met in November with Kent Highway Services (KHS). KHS are the ones who inspect, clean, repair, trim or improve our pavements and roads. :

The objective of the meeting was to look at ways we could improve both the condition of the roads in the Hollingbourne Parish as well as general road safety which is a concern to us all.

We had a great meeting and as a result KHS committed to –

Look into the possibility of a 30 mph roundel on Eyhorne Street, specifically the stretch of road between Greenway Court junction and the Church.

  • Review how many times the illuminated sign (on the island by the Ramada Hotel) has been damaged so they are aware of minor incidents and if necessary can take appropriate action.
  • Take action around pavements that are restricted due to the over-growth of vegetation, particularly the stretch opposite Godfrey House up to the school.
  • Will review the results of the speed survey conducted in August and make recommendations.
  • Specifically look at the dip in the road outside Christophers’ which pools water and has been reported as a problem as this is next to the bus stop!

We will keep you informed of further develops and in particular the results of the speed survey but in the meantime if you have any suggestions or comments do not hesitate to contact us via Elaine our Parish Clerk either on 01622 880526 or If you notice and want to report a maintenance issue such as a pot hole in the road or a pavement that is in disrepair you can do this simply by contacting Kent Highway Services on 08458 247 800 or via