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Current planning applications for August & September 2021

A feature of the Hollingbourne village website is a monthly list of local planning applications being considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council. The list is supplied by Maidstone Borough Council who make the planning decisions. Hollingbourne Parish Council only advises on planning matters and can be overruled by Maidstone.

All the new planning applications will be discussed at the next Council Meeting, on Monday September 13th.

This month’s applications are attached including several reports relating to the Land To The West Of Windmill Lane Eyhorne Street following the archaeological investigation (21/503869/SUB ) (21/503879/SUB ) (21/504002/SUB )

The building of a new property at Eyhorne Place Eyhorne Street (21/504204/FULL)

The proposed conversion of Mill House Upper Street, into a habitable space ancillary to main dwelling. Works to include the renovation of the single storey rear extension, alterations to roof, windows and doors. Erection of a new double garage. (21/504391/FULL)

The Erection of a first floor front extension, at 126 Eyhorne Street Hollingbourne including increase in roof height and extension to existing front and rear dormers. (21/504036/FULL )

The Maidstone Borough Council Planning portal is at

Individual Planning Applications may be viewed on line by entering the reference number (19/503??? etc) at the Maidstone Planning Portal at

The current planning applications being considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council can be found on the download below.

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