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Following the Christmas period some homes may be targeted for burglaries.  To deter these from occurring, residents are advised to:

  • Lock windows, side gates and garages
  • Turn on burglar alarms
  • Consider marking valuables to assist with identification
  • Putting bins away so they can’t be climbed on
  • If going away to visit family, use timers for internal lighting and arrange for people to attend the property so it looks like the property is not empty
  • Being careful regarding what is posted online on social media regarding valuables and being away from home

Additionally, it can be wise to insure valuables and also to utilise which can be used to register high value items and can assist in police returning the items if they are stolen and then recovered.

For further advice please visit the Kent Police website Home | Kent Police

Message Sent By  Jacob Troth (Kent Police, Police Constable, Maidstone Neighbourhood Beat Officer)

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