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Village Hall emergency supplies drop off for the Ukraine

?? Ukraine ?? donation appeal in Hollingbourne ?

Hello. I can now confirm that I will be at Hollingbourne village hall on Tuesday 8th March and Thursday 10th March between 12 and 1pm on both days to collect any donations you have to support the crisis ongoing in Ukraine right now.

I will be collecting cash on behalf of UNICEF and general items will be greatly appreciated and sent to various charities who are asking for particular items.

Although clothing is always a first thought please take a look at the list below for items that are often overlooked but are desperately needed.

The items in most demand are;



?Wet wipes

?Sanitary towels

?First aid

?Hand wash

?Toilet roll

?Roll on deodorant

?Baby milk formula

?Face masks

?Hand sanitiser




?Baby food

Please feel free to share far and wide. We will happily take donations from any community.

? You can find Hollingbourne village hall behind The Windmill in the main stretch of the village.

If you are unable to make the date and time, please feel free to leave donations in a waterproof box/bag by the door the night before and I will bring them in for you.

Many thanks to everyone for your support ♥️

Best wishes

Andrea xx