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Highway improvements in Hollingbourne

Kent County Council is planning to undertake road safety improvements on Hollingbourne Hill on the approach to Pilgrims Way crossroads. The scheme will comprise the installation of new countdown markers, new warning and speed limit terminal signage. New paintwork will be installed to highlight the reduced speed limit coming into the village and a new village gateway will be installed on the approach.

The scheme is designed to highlight the approaching hazards to road users and make the road environment clearer and safer.

This scheme has been developed in consultation with Hollingbourne Parish Council and has the support of the County Member, Shellina Prendegast and aims to enhance and highlight the existing gateway features and speed limit as you enter the village of Hollingbourne. This scheme is being funded by the County Member, Shellina Prendegast.

The works are due to start on Sunday 31 January 2021

**not January 24th as previously advertised