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Notice of Casual Vacancies – Hollingbourne Parish Council

PC vacancies

PC vacancies

There are two vacancies within the Hollingbourne Parish Council, following the May elections, and empty places at the table that needs to be filled by a willing volunteers. 

  • Have you ever thought about being a Parish Councillor? 
  • Is this the role for you and are you ready for an exciting challenge?   
  • Is that place at the table yours?

The Hollingbourne Parish Council excels at being a group of friendly, diverse and forward thinking people.  If your perception of a ‘Parish Council’ is that it’s a little ‘dull and boring’ then let the Hollingbourne Parish Councillors change your mind about that! 

Why don’t you join the Parish Council, as your skills and passion to help within the community will be most welcome.  Come along to the meetings, which take place at 7.30 pm, every second Monday of the month (except in August, and the adjustments made for Bank Holidays).  It will be good to see you there, and it will give you an opportunity to meet the team.   

Please contact Vicki, the Parish Clerk on , or by telephone on 07856 180003 for more information.

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