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The dangers of playing around the water, especially in the ice

Millennium Pond

Ponds, lakes and other bodies of water are very beautiful and enticing, especially when they are covered with snow and ice.  Hollingbourne is blessed to have a pond on the Millennium Green, ponds in the Upper Street area and the River Bourne.  However, there are many hidden dangers involved with playing in, around, or on, the water, which people of all ages need to know about.

I am sure that you are deeply saddened by the terrible news that we have had about the young boys who fell through the ice in Solihull.  The death of children is always tragic, and our hearts go out to the families and friends of these youngsters, and the brave rescue workers who did their very best to save them.  Please see the link

There is also a TikTok challenge which is catching people’s imaginations at the moment.  The challenge involves the filming and sharing of followers walking, or playing ice hockey upon frozen water.  For many of us this would seem like a very dangerous activity to do, as people do not know how thick the ice is and whether it is safe to step upon.  However, not everybody is alert to the risks involved in taking part of these so called ‘challenges’.

Please do not put your life, and the life of others in danger by taking part in this challenge.   Please see the link, which highlights the risks of these activities

The Parish Council cares for you and wants to prevent such tragedies from taking place,   Signage advising people of deep water is in place around bodies of water, but with this in mind, the Parish Council just wants to make the kindly reminder that:

Parents / Responsible adults, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your children, adolescents and all of those under your care, are not putting their lives in danger whilst carrying out such activities.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

For further details on how to keep safe around water, please click the button below.





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