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Unpopular estate developers try to make headway.

The hugely unpopular and contested housing estate on windmill lane seem determined to push ahead before their planning permission expires on 3rd August despite having no legal access to the lane that will become the entrance.

The builders this week, using the Windmill car park as access and parking, pushed ahead to create the entrance despite numerous events stacking ups against them.

The housing estate which has been protested from its inception is accessible only between a narrow gap between two listed buildings. Grade II listed Foxgrove House and the Grade II listed Windmill pub .

The narrow gap, which borders the basements of both properties is highly unsuitable for the site traffic and also the extra cars that the properties would bring.

This entrance is also part of the Hollingbourne Conservation area, to preserve the historical nature of the ancient Village.

The developers have also failed to pause despite the parish council unanimously voting against being satisfied with their respite survey and the discovery of items of specific interest in the recent archeological survey.

“The evaluation has demonstrated the survival of locally and potentially regionally significant archaeological remains in the form of probable Anglo-Saxon burials in a restricted area of the site. The burials were left in situ. One contained a spearhead which was recovered. They cannot be definitively dated but might be of prehistoric date. All the features probably relate to a settlement sites in the vicinity.  It is suggested that, generally, the proposed development will have an overall high impact on the archaeological resource in the area.”

Architect Guy Osborne based in Harrietsham who claims on his website that “We obtain planning for your land” has commissioned the builders to begin work, yet the land is owned by a  Hollingbourne resident.

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