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Locking car doors driver safety

Recently there have been frequent reports of a man standing by the side of Mill Lane, Underriver, Sevenoaks, attempting to flag down passing drivers.  He tells the driver that his wife is in labour and asks for assistance to jump start his car.  On occasion he has become aggressive if the driver has not unlocked the door or refused to help.

He is operating on country lanes from Orpington to Maidstone and appears to be targeting lone women or women with children in the car.  If you see or are approached by a man waving at your car to stop, do not stop. Do up your windows, lock your doors and carry on your journey.

If you are stopped by this man please report it to the police via the Live Chat in the first instance, or by calling 101.  In an emergency, please report to 999.  Please share this information with your family, friends and work colleagues.

Please search this item upon the Facebook Hollingbourne Hub site, for more information, via the link

Most cars have the door locking button within the driver’s door, as per the photograph above.  Think safety first, and if in doubt lock your doors on journeys.  Don’t be a victim of crime.

Locking your doors is just one way in which you can keep safe whilst driving, and to find out more click on the button below for a lot of useful advice on driver and passenger safety.

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